Struggles of a teenager

In the Catcher in the Rye we read about a character named Holden. He is getting kicked out of his school Pency Prep for failing five of his classes. Before he leaves he speaks to Old Spencer, his teacher, who asked him if he has any concern for his future at all. Holden tends to come off as someone who doesn’t care about anything really. His teacher tries to explain to him the importance of school and how it will affect his future. Holden shrugs off the question and leaves instead of thinking about what Old Spencer said. He pushes the thought of his future away because he feels that he doesn’t have much of one. After getting removed from four private schools it’s easy to see why. Holden hates going to his school because he believes everyone is phony which is why he doesn’t mind leaving these schools. He becomes too disinterested in any sort of schoolwork due to this hatred.

When you are growing up the one thing you are constantly reminded of how you can prepare for your future. Especially, in high school. You spend a majority of your high school life being told what classes to take and what you should and shouldn’t do. I can relate to Holden by feeling immense pressure to constantly watch every move because it may negatively hurt my

Holden blames his disinterest in school on him going through a phase and saying he will pass it eventually. He seems to be going through a sort of depression which is why he doesn’t seem to care about anything. I can relate to Holden by not wanting to think about the future and to be more concerned about what happens this week instead of when i’m in college. The feeling is overwhelming when you have to think and plan out how you life is going to pan out when you aren’t even sure what you’re interested in. It’s more exciting, and interesting to lead an unplanned life  and also relieves some of the stress. My parents are like Old Spencer constantly wanting to question me in every step I make towards college and constantly making sure I don’t make a mistake to jeopardize that.

I also relate to Holden not being able to focus on school because of his surroundings. He has became sad and angry in way for being forced to attend school with a ton of phony people. Holden still tries to see the best in everyone including his room mate that makes it a point to prove that he doesn’t enjoy his company. I would like to learn in the future about how Holden became the way he is, depressed and unmotivated, and if he can change from that in the future. tumblr_static_6vweqbggz64occsgwgww0wgck_640_v2


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