Downpour of emotions

In chapter 17 of A Catcher in the Rye, Holden goes on a date with a girl named Sally. Holden shows his annoyance with Sally when she had recognized a boy that she had known. He tells her “why don’t you go on over and give him a big soul kiss, if you know him?” which made sally slightly sore. Holden shows signs of jealousy while Sally speaking to the boy. Holden proceeds to analyze their conversation, getting more and more angry as he watched them by saying there was something off with the way they simply said “hello”. Holden said the conversation was the phoniest conversation he has ever heard in his life and that it made him want to puke. He stereotypes the boy as an ivy league and picks apart everything about him such as his clothes and the way he speaks. Holden has a tendency to over complicate and exaggerate most people he meets, making them sound far worse than they are.


Holden began to hate Sally , still upset over her conversation with the ivy league, and wanted to take her home because of that “phony” conversation but then Sally came up with the idea to go ice skating. After proving to be the two worst ice skaters in the rink they decide to take a break but the ice skating has further put Holden in a bad mood. He then asked Sally if she is fed up with life and school in general. She says no, which makes his angry that someone doesn’t agree with his opinion, he proceeds to then go into a rant about how much he hates school. It’s as if all of Holden’s emotions came in a downpour and he couldn’t help him self from shouting and being a pessimist about the entire issue. Holden keeps going from one thing he hates to another. His rant goes from how he hates school to how he has no interest in cars. Holden is showing that he can head into a emotional breakdown at this point and Sally tries to stop him but he doesn’t realize his extreme aggression.

Holden shows a bizarre behavior when all of a sudden he asked Sally if she wants go on a road trip to Vermont when he just said earlier that he hates her. Holden gets overly excited and begins practically jumping and grabbing her at the idea of leaving. Sally says no understandably because he has no plan on how they will survive considering they both have no money which does not please Holden. He is depressed and angry and accuses Sally of not liking him. We can see that Holden’s emotions are all over the place and just come rushing over him all at once which leads him to either scream or get overly excited in a matter of seconds. At the very end of the date, he calls Sally a pain which makes her cry and Holden apologizes over and over again. Holden admits that he is a madman and that it made no sense to offer going with him on a road trip when he couldn’t stand even talking to her. I feel that Holden has severe mood swings hence why he goes from calling people a phony one second to then treating them like his closest friend the next. 6c16d76b02a552c9119f3c190bcd3b20


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