Summer: Expectation vs. Reality

Hanging out with friends, traveling, and relaxing are some of the many expectations you have set up during the summer time. You will have all of this free time that you expect to use all of because of all of the plans set up in your mind. Nine times out of ten you don’t do any of these things. Summer is much more boring and leaves you actually missing school because at least you could see your friends almost everyday.

This video shows how my summer ends up being every year and how none of my plans actually happen like I thought. Like trying to spend time with your friends but they are all on vacation or just too busy to hang out with you. This is why summer mainly consists of binge watching at least five new shows on netflix and sleeping all day long. You might travel for a weekend or hang out with your friends once or twice but that is usually it. Which in reality isn’t all that exciting.

Another article I found thoroughly shows more expectations vs. reality of summer such as exercising more, finally cleaning your room, and traveling to places like London with your best friends. Summer consists more of sleeping and eating lots of unhealthy food while watching movies all day in bed. Summer ends up so boring that you weirdly wish you were in class instead of at home again. At least for me that happens.

I actually enjoy the free time I have but I feel like too much free time can drive you insane with boredom. You see movies, tv shows, and even hear people at school talk about all of these things you’re supposed to do with your two and a half months of newly found freedom. You shouldn’t use that as an expectation for what summer will be like. Be realistic and just expect to relax a lot and have your mom telling you to do more chores than usual.




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