Plot twists in movies

My favorite part about watching a movie is when I think something will happen one way but happens a completely different way. I like when the plot twist leaves you questioning everything after the movie is over and really stays in your mind for awhile. It completely ruins the movie if you find out the plot twist because then you have nothing to be surprised about. Three types of plot twists I enjoy in movies are the stranger behind the mask, the didn’t see that coming, and the mid season twist in tv shows but I love every type.

I love when you are watching an entire movie and they are explaining the plot to be one way and the plot completely changes into something you didn’t expect. One of the best plot twists in a movie I have ever seen is the movie Shutter Island. The movie is about two US marshals investigating an insane asylum when they hear about a murder that took place. At the end of the movie everything you thought you knew turns out to be a lie and the plot is completely changed. This movie is a perfect example of the didn’t see that coming trope.

I have seen many tv shows where the plot is completely twisted mid season and the entire show changes. That’s what keeps you wanting to binge watching episode after episode, to see if anything else will happen. Shows will often include dramatic irony which is when the person watching the show knows something a character has yet to find out. This is how many fans of tv shows will come up with theories about what is happening so they could figure out he plot before the season ends.

One animated show that is the perfect example of the stranger behind the mask is Scooby Doo. In these scenes the villain is revealed and is, although not surprising if you have seen the show, a human and not a monster. The villain always ends up being someone they know or have met before which is why it is a “plot twist”. A lot of movies include this type of plot twist where the villain is different then who you expect. Such as this scene in the movie Psycho where the killer is revealed and is a different character than what you expected.

This short story called The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is about a woman who loses her friends diamond necklace and is forced to replace it. This causes her to be in debt for the next ten years but then her friend reveals the necklace was fake. This was an example of the didn’t see that coming plot twist. You didn’t expect the necklace to be fake because of how real it looked and felt. They paid thousands of dollars for a real diamond necklace to replace the one lost so it was surprising to find out it was fake and that it was only worth 500 francs.


2 thoughts on “Plot twists in movies

  1. I absolutely love plot twists. I like your reference towards Shutter Island considering it is one of my favorite movies. You added detailed links and I really enjoyed the video about theories. I faintly remember reading “The Necklace”, by Guy de Maupassant so it was great that you referenced this short story. Your blog post was a nice read and I can tell you really like plot twists.


  2. Plot twists are so much fun to watch happen! I feel you really covered all the aspects of a good plot twist and gave the audience a good feel for why you like plot twists. When movies have the plot go towards the very obvious option, then it can get boring, because you’re already expecting all of it. Plot twists bring an exciting touch to the film. This was a great post and helped show how much you like plot twists.


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