Opinion of online courses

Last year when I heard about the opportunity to take an online course I immediately signed up. I have been interested in taking online course since my freshman year but didn’t think I would get the opportunity until college. I was warned how hard it would be to remember when assignments are due, the “no explanation” part for assignments, and how the class would affect me socially. This turned out to be completely false from my experience.  Online English was more fast paced, got to the point much quicker, and gave less assignments. Less assignments allowed me to finish the assignment in one day, turn it in, and then have the rest of the week to start on other assignments.

English classes tend to, from my experience, drag out units when they really could be completely finished in no more than a week. In the past I didn’t feel a need to spend five hours in a class a week doing assignments that would take me a combined time of two hours tops. Sometimes in previous classes we would just read a book for one hour every day of the week. I felt that was a waste of time because I could be easily doing that at home and then finishing the assignment for the week in that same hour that i’m in the class. I loved the simplicity of coming to a class once a week, being told what the assignment was, and then leaving. That worked for me and my schedule because the free time I had that usually was being spent in class dragging out an explanation of an assignment/project I could be finishing a months worth of work.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you the amount of stress I was relieved from by taking this online course. Maybe it was just my teacher I had but the workload, projects, and weekly assignments came so easy to me and were way more enjoyable than what I had done in previous years. The freedom I gained from this class was the best thing about this entire year. I looked forward to the break I got every single day and just knowing I had an hour outside to talk to friends, eat lunch, and finish my weekly assignment made me so glad I took this class everyday. The whole “an online class doesn’t help you with your social skills” is a complete lie from my experience in this class. My teacher made sure to include interactive activities like vlogs, commenting on others posts, and group projects. Yeah some might say since these things are online they aren’t the same but I thought my social skills were used just as much as in a normal class. I would still talk to my friends in the online class outside of the classroom and used that free hour to discuss assignments and projects with them if I didn’t get a further explanation from my teacher.

I recommend online classes to as many people as I could because I love them far more than I thought I would. I even convinced my friends to apply for the online class next year and boasted about how great my experience was taking this class. I worked so much better in an online environment especially as a more reserved person. Students succeed more in an online class because like me, they think the fast paced course was way better than the dragged out lectures and work assigned weekly. It really only takes a day to explain what to do for a unit and there isn’t a need to go to class five days a week to be given a worksheet and told to complete it.

I would do anything in my power to take multiple online courses next year if they were allowed. Online classes work and it proves by how many online classes or even colleges completely online are out there. I don’t enjoy waking up so early in the morning and being forced to be enclosed in a classroom for an hour everyday. That’s why students complain about being in class and show that they do not want to be there. The freedom to just go on canvas, check what assignment was posted, and complete it at what ever time you wanted was amazing. Getting to be outside with our friends just working on assignments may seem like it would be distracting but for me it was more motivating than ever. I was happier and in a better mood which reflected into my effort I put into the class. If a student is tired, bored, and annoyed at hearing yet another lecture from a teacher than it will show in their work.

I succeeded in this class because I did the assignments when I wanted meaning they weren’t done with half the effort that I could have put in. I also only got maybe two assignments at most per week which didn’t leave me overwhelmed and stressed that I won’t have time to study or do other assignments for other classes. Teachers in my previous English classes didn’t put into account that I had other classes and that I have priorities outside of school but this class did. They would overwork me with assignments that took me three to six hours to finish a night but this class put that stress to ease. The teacher made sure to give us time in class to do weekly assignments and usually let us finish everything due. I really hope the district allows for more online classes for seniors and lets me expand more on my love for online classes.



Plot twists in movies

My favorite part about watching a movie is when I think something will happen one way but happens a completely different way. I like when the plot twist leaves you questioning everything after the movie is over and really stays in your mind for awhile. It completely ruins the movie if you find out the plot twist because then you have nothing to be surprised about. Three types of plot twists I enjoy in movies are the stranger behind the mask, the didn’t see that coming, and the mid season twist in tv shows but I love every type.

I love when you are watching an entire movie and they are explaining the plot to be one way and the plot completely changes into something you didn’t expect. One of the best plot twists in a movie I have ever seen is the movie Shutter Island. The movie is about two US marshals investigating an insane asylum when they hear about a murder that took place. At the end of the movie everything you thought you knew turns out to be a lie and the plot is completely changed. This movie is a perfect example of the didn’t see that coming trope.

I have seen many tv shows where the plot is completely twisted mid season and the entire show changes. That’s what keeps you wanting to binge watching episode after episode, to see if anything else will happen. Shows will often include dramatic irony which is when the person watching the show knows something a character has yet to find out. This is how many fans of tv shows will come up with theories about what is happening so they could figure out he plot before the season ends.

One animated show that is the perfect example of the stranger behind the mask is Scooby Doo. In these scenes the villain is revealed and is, although not surprising if you have seen the show, a human and not a monster. The villain always ends up being someone they know or have met before which is why it is a “plot twist”. A lot of movies include this type of plot twist where the villain is different then who you expect. Such as this scene in the movie Psycho where the killer is revealed and is a different character than what you expected.

This short story called The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is about a woman who loses her friends diamond necklace and is forced to replace it. This causes her to be in debt for the next ten years but then her friend reveals the necklace was fake. This was an example of the didn’t see that coming plot twist. You didn’t expect the necklace to be fake because of how real it looked and felt. They paid thousands of dollars for a real diamond necklace to replace the one lost so it was surprising to find out it was fake and that it was only worth 500 francs.

Summer: Expectation vs. Reality

Hanging out with friends, traveling, and relaxing are some of the many expectations you have set up during the summer time. You will have all of this free time that you expect to use all of because of all of the plans set up in your mind. Nine times out of ten you don’t do any of these things. Summer is much more boring and leaves you actually missing school because at least you could see your friends almost everyday.

This video shows how my summer ends up being every year and how none of my plans actually happen like I thought. Like trying to spend time with your friends but they are all on vacation or just too busy to hang out with you. This is why summer mainly consists of binge watching at least five new shows on netflix and sleeping all day long. You might travel for a weekend or hang out with your friends once or twice but that is usually it. Which in reality isn’t all that exciting.

Another article I found thoroughly shows more expectations vs. reality of summer such as exercising more, finally cleaning your room, and traveling to places like London with your best friends. Summer consists more of sleeping and eating lots of unhealthy food while watching movies all day in bed. Summer ends up so boring that you weirdly wish you were in class instead of at home again. At least for me that happens.

I actually enjoy the free time I have but I feel like too much free time can drive you insane with boredom. You see movies, tv shows, and even hear people at school talk about all of these things you’re supposed to do with your two and a half months of newly found freedom. You shouldn’t use that as an expectation for what summer will be like. Be realistic and just expect to relax a lot and have your mom telling you to do more chores than usual.



Donnie and Holden: a story of social outcasts

For the first time ever, I watched the movie Donnie Darko so I could compare it the the book I read in English class called A Catcher in The Rye. While watching the movie I saw so many characteristics and mindsets from the main character in the movie, Donnie Darko, that I see in Holden. Donnie and Holden have this refusal to conform to their society’s standards leading them to be a sort of social outcast. Holden has a difficult time making friends because he believes everyone is a phony and would rather die than become the way they are as an attempt to fit in, not that he needs to. We see examples of Holden being a social outcast are when he stated “practically the whole school was there but me” and “As soon as I was inside, I couldn’t think of anyone to call up”.

Holden’s “social outcast” attitude is similar to Donnie’s because Donnie’s bizarre dreams and mental state separate him from the people at his school. In Donnie’s town in which he lives in believe following the advice of Jim Cunningham who believes that the spectrum of human emotion falls into two categories, fear and love. In this amazing scene from the movie we see Donnie telling his teacher who gives a scenario and to place emotion that would fall in the category that life isn’t that simple and that emotions are far more complex to be placed into a category.


Donnie is the first person to question the followings of Jim Cunningham and point out the flaws that come with the whole emotions only come in two categories mindset. We see Donnie do this again when Jim comes to speak at his school and give a whole speech about his book on emotional beliefs which leads to Donnie telling him that his views aren’t realistic and gives advice to people on how to actually handle their problems.


Holden does the same thing when he talks about the private school he attends and states “It’s full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart to be able to buy a goddamn Cadillac some day, and you have to keep making believe you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you do is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and everyday sticks together in these dirty little goddamn cliques”. Holden is the first one to question the school system and the way the people in the school system behave. He doesn’t understand the glamorizing of Pencey prep or any of the people in it for that matter.

Holden and Donnie can’t just accept the way their society is because of their moral values and standards even if that means being seen as “different” by their peers. They both get isolated from the rest of society and get put into a category of being “crazy”or “weird”. Donnie and Holden are just misunderstood in my opinion and live in a world where if society sees them stand out in any shape or form they immediately get pushed aside and ignored which is still relevant today. If they taught us anything, it’s that conforming to society is insane and it’s just bizarre that a mass group of people would want to think, look, act, and believe in the same way.

Downpour of emotions

In chapter 17 of A Catcher in the Rye, Holden goes on a date with a girl named Sally. Holden shows his annoyance with Sally when she had recognized a boy that she had known. He tells her “why don’t you go on over and give him a big soul kiss, if you know him?” which made sally slightly sore. Holden shows signs of jealousy while Sally speaking to the boy. Holden proceeds to analyze their conversation, getting more and more angry as he watched them by saying there was something off with the way they simply said “hello”. Holden said the conversation was the phoniest conversation he has ever heard in his life and that it made him want to puke. He stereotypes the boy as an ivy league and picks apart everything about him such as his clothes and the way he speaks. Holden has a tendency to over complicate and exaggerate most people he meets, making them sound far worse than they are.


Holden began to hate Sally , still upset over her conversation with the ivy league, and wanted to take her home because of that “phony” conversation but then Sally came up with the idea to go ice skating. After proving to be the two worst ice skaters in the rink they decide to take a break but the ice skating has further put Holden in a bad mood. He then asked Sally if she is fed up with life and school in general. She says no, which makes his angry that someone doesn’t agree with his opinion, he proceeds to then go into a rant about how much he hates school. It’s as if all of Holden’s emotions came in a downpour and he couldn’t help him self from shouting and being a pessimist about the entire issue. Holden keeps going from one thing he hates to another. His rant goes from how he hates school to how he has no interest in cars. Holden is showing that he can head into a emotional breakdown at this point and Sally tries to stop him but he doesn’t realize his extreme aggression.

Holden shows a bizarre behavior when all of a sudden he asked Sally if she wants go on a road trip to Vermont when he just said earlier that he hates her. Holden gets overly excited and begins practically jumping and grabbing her at the idea of leaving. Sally says no understandably because he has no plan on how they will survive considering they both have no money which does not please Holden. He is depressed and angry and accuses Sally of not liking him. We can see that Holden’s emotions are all over the place and just come rushing over him all at once which leads him to either scream or get overly excited in a matter of seconds. At the very end of the date, he calls Sally a pain which makes her cry and Holden apologizes over and over again. Holden admits that he is a madman and that it made no sense to offer going with him on a road trip when he couldn’t stand even talking to her. I feel that Holden has severe mood swings hence why he goes from calling people a phony one second to then treating them like his closest friend the next. 6c16d76b02a552c9119f3c190bcd3b20

Struggles of a teenager

In the Catcher in the Rye we read about a character named Holden. He is getting kicked out of his school Pency Prep for failing five of his classes. Before he leaves he speaks to Old Spencer, his teacher, who asked him if he has any concern for his future at all. Holden tends to come off as someone who doesn’t care about anything really. His teacher tries to explain to him the importance of school and how it will affect his future. Holden shrugs off the question and leaves instead of thinking about what Old Spencer said. He pushes the thought of his future away because he feels that he doesn’t have much of one. After getting removed from four private schools it’s easy to see why. Holden hates going to his school because he believes everyone is phony which is why he doesn’t mind leaving these schools. He becomes too disinterested in any sort of schoolwork due to this hatred.

When you are growing up the one thing you are constantly reminded of how you can prepare for your future. Especially, in high school. You spend a majority of your high school life being told what classes to take and what you should and shouldn’t do. I can relate to Holden by feeling immense pressure to constantly watch every move because it may negatively hurt my

Holden blames his disinterest in school on him going through a phase and saying he will pass it eventually. He seems to be going through a sort of depression which is why he doesn’t seem to care about anything. I can relate to Holden by not wanting to think about the future and to be more concerned about what happens this week instead of when i’m in college. The feeling is overwhelming when you have to think and plan out how you life is going to pan out when you aren’t even sure what you’re interested in. It’s more exciting, and interesting to lead an unplanned life  and also relieves some of the stress. My parents are like Old Spencer constantly wanting to question me in every step I make towards college and constantly making sure I don’t make a mistake to jeopardize that.

I also relate to Holden not being able to focus on school because of his surroundings. He has became sad and angry in way for being forced to attend school with a ton of phony people. Holden still tries to see the best in everyone including his room mate that makes it a point to prove that he doesn’t enjoy his company. I would like to learn in the future about how Holden became the way he is, depressed and unmotivated, and if he can change from that in the future. tumblr_static_6vweqbggz64occsgwgww0wgck_640_v2